3 piece suit / or redesigning Your Personal Style (PART 2)

3 piece suit / or redesigning Your Personal Style (PART 2)

Remember in the last post (part 1) we mention 10 tips or concepts that every man can implement to jumpstart an adventure on trying on a new style. Or to have a makeover in their fashion. This post will address another 10 concepts that you can learn to use to enhance your fashion taste, which is a huge factor of manliness in the modern era.

#11: Not Botherless, but effortless
The greatest compliment someone can give is that you are a “natural”, which implies you look stunning effortlessly. While many men can’t be bothered to give a damn about their appearance, you are crushing it in your department.

#12: Try New Things
Be adventurous and explore new trends and styles out there, every now and then. Too much of that would not be advisable as you will be mistaken as a fashion designer. So, everything in moderation.

#13: Fall in love with Colors, a little.
Some people are just dull, you know what I mean? Especially the matured man, you can afford to experiment with lighter colours to balanced up the overall tone and appear more approachable.

#14: Utilise your Colors Sparingly
Having said that on #13, use colours sparingly and with balanced so to not call too much attention to yourself. We don’t want that.

#15: Laughing stock? No problem
Be prepared to be made fun at by your friends and some colleagues for turning on a new leaf in your fashion sense. However don’t take it so seriously and laugh together with them as you embark on this transformative journey.

#16: Be willing to take in Feedback
How you respond to feedback speaks more than whether you were right or wrong about something. Be open and accept good and bad opinions alike. It's cool.

#17: Be Honest With Yourself
You are your best friend and worst critic. Be honest with yourself, no matter what people say, what do you say about you? 

#18: Accept That it Will Take a While
Just as with anything under the sun. Change usually comes gradually and knowing that, be patient in this process. Don’t let impatience make you lose your cool, champ.

#19: Accept That You Will Make Mistakes
You will make mistakes. Granted. Everyone does. So don’t take it upon yourself. Because in fashion, there are many ways to be “perfect” actually. And by perfect, we mean big wins, in spite of all the small losses.

#20: Know That You’ll Get There Eventually
To be a master of fashion and style takes time, this is a journey that you’ll soon hit the destination of being someone savvy, it's just a matter of time.