How to Match Your Tie with Your Formal Wear?

How to Match Your Tie with Your Formal Wear?

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Dressing for a formal event is a daunting task for both men and women. While the sheer number of choices makes it difficult for women, the thing that makes it difficult for men, most of the time is the quintessential tie. While most men can get through the task of selecting a descent pair of pants and shirt without many problems, they get confused, when it comes to selecting, the right tie. The general rule is that the tie works as an enhancer for the suit and not the other way round. It has to blend well after much consideration you've put in for the suit to look elegant. While some have no idea how to match ties with their shirts, some others just don’t care at all. While it may seem like rocket science at first, by following some easy and simple tips, everyone will be able to perfectly match their shirts and ties. 


Match your ties to your shirt and not the other way
A very easy way to match your shirts and ties is to get the shirt first, and then buy a matching tie. Never buy a tie just because it looks good. Though it may look good on its own, you can’t be sure that it will look good with your shirts. 


Solid colour ties is the safe way to go
If you do not want to spend a lot of time on matching your ties and shirts, the best and the safest thing to do is to go with a solid coloured tie. A solid and dark coloured tie, with a matte finish will go with almost any shirt. While this may not create a spectacular look that will set you apart from the crowd, you can be rest assured that you will not make a fool of yourself. 


Match the pattern on your shirt with the pattern on your tie
While most men try to match their shirts and ties based on their colour, the most important factor to look out for is the pattern. A pattern can make or break your look. Some of the important things to remember when matching ties and shirts based on pattern are. Complement the patterns on your shirts and ties. The pattern on one should be larger than the pattern on the other. Never select patterns of same size. It will create a very boring monochromatic look. Try to pick a tie with patterns coloured darker than the patterns on your shirt. This will ensure that they will complement each other. If you are wearing a checked or patterned shirt, go for a tie with patterns going outwards. While doing this, the tie should have the larger pattern. Finally, if you are not sure about the pattern way of matching, don’t do it. Buy a solid coloured tie. 


Correct tie length
When wearing a tie, make sure it is not too long or too short. Either of that can make you look weird. The basic rule for this is to wear your tie in such a manner that it will just come up to your belt buckle. Too long or too short would be just embarressing 


Correct tie width
An equally important factor that most men ignore is the size or width of the tie. The width of a tie should be proportional to your body size. If you are a bit heavyset, go for a wider tie. Similarly, thinner men should for thinner ties. Before beginning to match your shirt and tie, understand that it is not something that you will be able to master in one day. Try till you get it right. Once you understand the ways to perfect it, you can try on any kind of ties and shirts. You can even wear a tie with little bunnies on it with confidence!