Men Fashion: The Basics

Men Fashion: The Basics

When we mention about men fashion, there are the basics that every young to adult men ought to have in their wardrobe. Some menswear that are easy to mix and match and will never go wrong in most occasion. 

1) White Oxford Shirt
Although it might not be too practical for climate such as for the tropical countries, the Oxford shirt still is a piece of very comfortable clothing and goes perfectly with a shorts with either sandals or shoes. Perfect for going outdoors like the beach etc. It is super versatile and easy to wash whenever it gets dirty, just throw it into the washer, bleach it out and whenever you notice the color gets yellowish as it is prone to be over time, its time to get a new one.

2) Grey Sweatshirt
Another type of no brainer menswear for the chilly weather. Wear it under your blazer if you’re on your way to a function or as an outerwear to keep your body cozy. Matching it up with a nice Oxford shirt and it’ll be a good looking sweater as well. Even for going for sports and gym in those kind of weather, you’ll still be looking on style with this one.

3) White plain tee
I’m not referring to the undershirt you always wear in your house as pajamas or whatsoever. This one serves as a nice alternative when heading outdoors for casual events. It should have a crisp appearance and with a pocket so it does not look like the ordinary shirt to be mistaken for undershirt. This plain white tee goes with anything, denim jackets, leather jackets, you name it. Definitely something you want in your closet

4) Leather jacket
This one serves as your instant dose of coolness. Yeah. Be it black or brown color, its totally up to your preference. Just put in on over any t-shirt and you’re good to go. You’ll especially be needing this especially if you’re in the entertainment industry, its just a staple that could never go totally out of fashion

5) Navy blazer
It has been around for a very long time now as the classic menswear for formal and in modern times non formal events as well. Just put that on with any tee or oxford shirt and you’re ready to head out for a special night. Surely your top of the list if you haven’t yet own one. Navy is also the most versatile colour so you won’t need to have headaches figuring out which colour of clothing to mix it with.

6) Denim jeans
Moving on to the trousers, the denim jeans is, hands down the most easy to get and versatile outfit you want to possess, get at least 3 colours, – washed out, dark navy and black to customise your overall dressing. It is important to note that choosing the trending cutting is important as the fashion of denims will change every couple of years.

7) Chinos
Usually made from 100% cotton or synthetic materials, you’ll want one of these either long or shorts . It can be a casual and comfortable wear to wear out with, and if you’re feeling lucky, feel free to wear some outrageous colours to portray yourself as someone warm and fun. Nowadays, this piece of wear has been gaining huge popularity so its totally worth a purchase.