Men’s suit: The de facto standard for men’s formal wear

Men’s suit: The de facto standard for men’s formal wear


1. How Men's suit became a code for formal wear

See, we all cherish things which came for a hard work and at a high price. Men's formal clothing is one such accessory. The time and money used to make a men's suit are very costly, and one man does not possess more than a couple of ensembles at a time. During the Industrial Revolution, a section of the society quickly became wealthy. They were the ones, in pursuit of having the appearance of being healthy and wealthy, started to try new and costly attires. These clothing became a symbol of the rich. Today, when this valuable piece of clothing spread to other class of people, the cherished it. Apparently, if we have a fancy outfit, we won't go by wearing that every day, naturally it will be reserved for some out of the norm occasion! Therefore, they became a symbol of the formal code.


2. How it came into prominence

The men's suits first entered into fame in Italy. That was during the medieval period. Noted that Europe was always at the top when it came to Fashion. What was the reason? It was perhaps that Europe always was rich in resources and not a high population resulted in better well being. People are inclined to buy new and experiment with looks only when they have enough to meet their needs first. During that time Asia was indigent, people barely could manage a square meal a day, as the majority of Asia was then ruled by Europeans (not Independent).

It's worth stating that Europe quickly rose to prominence in the fashion world, due to their ability to experiment with new designs in men suit. Just imagine this: you are in an Asian country, and you are starving for food on a daily basis, will you care about which color of shirt to wear?? No, right??, but Europe was enough to do, and people wanted to experiment.
This was the time; many designers started to emerge and impress the mass. Their fame reached all over the wealthy world (precisely Europe itself and Americas) After World War 2 (WWII), most colonization in the world ended, and fashion from Europe started to enter other parts of the world. Needless to say that Asia got carried away by the fashion stalwarts as they had already been a witness to the western riches.