Menswear: The Color of a Versatile Suit

Menswear: The Color of a Versatile Suit

As a first time buyer of men suit, you might want it to be versatile, even as versatile as possible, to fit both the formal and not-so-formal event. Why? So that its worth for value and especially if you’re working on a tight budget. Do understand that for you to want to get the most value and versatility on your first buy is totally acceptable, nothing to feel ashamed of being perceived as someone stingy anyway. 

Restrict yourself to foundational colors when buying your first suit. Some colors can be worn in nearly any instance without consequence, while other colors will clash horribly depending on the environment. For example, wearing a white suit to a funeral is generally considered unacceptable. So what is the most versatile color?

Now to cut to the chase by providing a quick tip here: choose charcoal grey.

Actually black, navy blue, and charcoal grey are socially acceptable for nearly every formal situation. If you're having trouble deciding between those 3 colors, favor the charcoal grey because it is the most versatile.
There are reasons why charcoal grey is considered to be the easy to by color. The color can almost always complement any skin tone and body build, though men with medium bodies look best in this color, you’ll be looking great with a nice pice of grey blazer on. 

Furthermore, the color can be paired with black or brown elements, lending to more flexibility with your wardrobe. Charcoal grey is particularly good for younger men, as the color does not accentuate his youth as much as other colors. If you are purchasing a single suit (a suit that is acceptable to wear at any formal occasion, thus allowing you to own only a single suit), then you need a suit that is broadly appropriate. You will want to buy one with dark, conservative colors. Anyone who understands the fundamentals of men fashion would think so too.

Choose brown for casual events and occasions. Some men look best when wearing suits with earth tones, and brown is the staple earth tone. When choosing to wear brown, you should be aware that some people will not consider brown to be a socially acceptable color for business settings. 

While suits are the key to impress, lets not forget about the shirts which are equally as important for your success in fashion and performance.