What are some good tips for buying men’s suits?

What are some good tips for buying men’s suits?


Whether you are doing a suit bespoke or buying it at retail, we all can use some men fashion tips on getting good formal wear.

Determine your purpose and budget.  How much are you willing to spend on your suit and what will it be used for primarily?  In our modern times, a suit should be an investment as we often will wear it in casual and business event. So do just that – decide on what you want, based on your body type and fashion preference. The color,  pattern, fit, etc.

Talking about fit – that is the most important aspect when you're buying a suit.  If you buy it off the rack, that is already a strong possibility that you'll need tailoring.  Some require significant tweaking, some minor, nonetheless it is necessary to get a good quality looking suit. 

Here is a brief breakdown of what you can consider in regards to good fit:

1) Shoulders – your suit shoulders should be parallel with your natural shoulders while you're standing.  A well-measured suit shoulders starts and ends where your natural shoulders are.

2) Chest/Stomach – button up your jacket and see how it looks.  Most Off-The-Rack suits will need some waist suppression.  An excellent way to look in gauging the fit is to see if you can fit one fist in between your stomach/chest and the first button of the suit (buttoned up).  It shouldn't be too loose. How snug it is will also depend on the slimness you want your suit to be

3) Jacket Length – the jacket should always cover your butt.  Trendier jackets are shorter nowadays, but should still cover up to your butt.  You can opt for a shorter jacket if you are a shorter guy, which is under 5'7".  A jacket should cut your body up to 50%, though given that we don't all have same proportions, an excellent way to gauge it is if the jacket comes down to your thumb's mid-knuckle.

4) Sleeve Length – Your sleeve should come right down to your wrist or base of your hand.  You'll want to show 1/4 to 1/2 inch of shirt sleeve when your arms are down by your side.  Your sleeve should come down just short of the base of your thumb.

5) Pant Length – it depends on the type of "break" you desire.  Most Off-The-Rack pieces will require you to re-hem / shorten the pants. 

6) Pant Rise – a low rise means a high crotch.  A high rise means a low crotch.  Vice versa, if you are a shorter guy, you might want to go for a low rise / high crotch.  In general, the low rise pants look better on shorter people because they elongate the legs. And that my friend is how you manipulate your height appearance

These are the general tips for starters who are new in the men fashion aspect.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions. We are glad to give some consult on suit fashion, as we've done for our many customers in the past.