Custom Made Suits

Custom Made Suits

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If you’re going to spend the money on your first custom suit, you’ll want to choose colors and fabrics that are the most versatile.

Based on 30 odd years of experience in this field, we can offer valuable advice and consultation on the following:

Single- or Double-Breasted Jacket?

Single-breasted jackets are more common, but some prefer double-breasted jackets because they make the wearer look slimmer. On single-breasted suits, a two- or three-button closure is standard. The taller you are, the more buttons you’ll want (though never more than three). Four- or six-button closure is standard for DBs, though six is considered the more elegant.

Two- or Three-Piece?

A coat and trousers with a shirt and tie is the standard uniform among businessmen and politicians today (“the business suit”). This is considered the most no-nonsense look for men in finance, law, and other traditional professions. A coat and trousers worn with a vest is considered the most formal, but also a little more fanciful in some circles. Considering the climate we're in, it is more appropriate for a 2 piece unlike the colder countries. 

Natural or Padded Shoulders?

Your choice here depends on the natural broadness of your shoulders, but in general, you’ll want your suit to follow the line of your body. Overdo it and you’ll end up looking like a 1930s gangster or a televangelist.

Single or Double Vent?

Single vented is the classic American style, while double vented (with the vents off to the sides) is classic English, although side vents are becoming more common in American fashion these days.

Peaked or Notched Lapels?

Notched lapels are considered standard on the American single-breasted business suit, though peaked lapels are the more elegant. Peaked lapels give the illusion of added height. Keep in mind that double-breasted suits should always have peaked lapels.

In summary, there are few aspects that makes up a stunning suit that could be yours to possess. However, consult the tailor on his opinions together with some fashion advice that are freely available through men magazine and the outcome will be satisfactory. Check out our other article on the difference between suit and the blazer. End of the day, you want to make sure your custom made suit is worth your money right?